Choosing the right hairstylist for you

Choosing the right hairstylist for your wedding hair.

There are many to choose from and you want to make the right choice. It’s not like getting  your haircut in the salon  on the high street and if you don’t like what they’ve done , it’ll grow and you’ll try somewhere else next time! You don’t want to have trial after trial with lots of hairdressers.

Recommendations are good way to start, I get most of my work by word of mouth. Ask your bridal boutique, make up artist, even the photographer who they like to work with.

Venue recommendations are a bit different and vary massively.  Some  venues will have a few suppliers that they know personally and can vouch for their standard of work and customer service and it really is a personal recommantion.

Other venues have glossy brochures with their  ‘recommended suppliers’. These brochures are usually produced by an outside company and suppliers will have paid  a fee to be included. Many  have ‘our supplier list’ which also require a fee to be on their list. Whilst this doesn’t mean they are not fantastic suppliers in their own right, (I know for a fact some of them are brilliant , as  I recommend them myself),  it’s a bit misleading to call it a recommendation.  Its always worth asking a venue  if suppliers have  paid to be on this list.


Choose the hairstylist, not the package, pretty website, fabulous client list or amazing images.  Some or all of these  things will certainly influence your choice and are important, but you really need to  LIKE  the person who, alongside a make-up artist, will be orchestrating  the preparations and they will probably be the calmest people in the room.

Make time to have a conversation with the stylist. I like to have a good chat  with all brides looking to book me , be it over the phone , at  wedding shows or at my pop up salons in bridal boutiques, before they actually pay any fees. That’s when you get a good idea if the hairdresser is right for you. Give yourself time when  you call me though…..If talking was an olympic sport , I’d win!

Prices should be clear and transparent. The majority of wedding requirements are pretty similar . Its generally mums who have  different hair requirements and I can quote a more specific price once I know styling required. Prices vary from stylist to stylist depending on experience and how we value our skills.  A stylist that  invests  in training and workshops to keep his or her skills updated is someone who wants to do their best for you, the client.

If you’d prefer a combined hair and makeup artist and have more than 3 people , you will need 2 artists/stylists as this equates to 6 people being styled/madeup.  Do ask about experience in each field. Most combined artists start out working as an mua  and develop their hairstyling skills along the way. This is generally why combined  hair & mua services appear to cost less than with separate artists/stylists.  If asked, most will tell you where their strengths are. Having said that, there are 3 combined hair/mua’s  that I know who are excellent at both and charge accordingly!

Your stylist  may need an assistant if the party is large  and requires an early start. Generally there will be a extra fee for this. If not,  do ask what level of experience the assistant will have.  I have ‘assisted’ other hairstylist colleagues  and I charge a call out fee as this then equals my minimum fee and reflects my experience. My ‘assistants’  are as experienced as myself and work in the same way.

Be prepared for a stylist to take time to get back to you. Working in the hair and beauty industry means we are invariably with clients most of the time and admin unfortunately takes  second place. I always try to check emails throughout the day and flag important ones to reply to as soon as I am able, but sometimes it may be a day later. Always check your spam folders. Some brides have had my reply emails go into them and thought I hadn’t replied.

Good luck with your planning!

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