New product love.

Last week I managed to secure some shampoo and conditioners in  mini sizes from the luxury boutique brand Unite for the Suzanne Neville designer day goody bags  at Miss Bush Bridalwear . (more about that day in a later post ). I’ve had my eye on this brand for a while and I took the plunge of buying  quite a lot of the new styling range. I’m not really faithful to one particular brand. I  like various hairsprays and volumising mousses and use a mix of professional and high street brands.

                                        Well, this may be about to change.


I tried some of the products out last weekend whilst I was away in Bournemouth and here are my ramblings on the subject……………

  My hair had been washed on  friday morning and I  had used  Session Whip Mousse in it and  Go365 Hairspray . Friday night was  smart casual dress,  so I just used the same hairspray to spruce my hair  up. Saturday morning I used  a bit more hairspray to keep the sea winds from blowing my hair all about as we wandered around the town. We  ended up having  a few cocktails and by the time we arrived back at the hotel to get ready for the evenings festivities , my hair did look a bit windswept. Saturday night was a black tie event , so I decided I needed an  updo for a more glam look.  I gave my hair a good brush through and then started  backcombing, adding  Session-Max spray as I worked. I also used   the Expanda Dust to add volume and  texture. I finished off  with more of the Go365 Hairspray .


shazin bmouthb

I know what you are thinking…… yes it did take a bit of  brushing to get rid of the backcombing  , but with a quick spray of the 7 Seconds Refresher  and it was all out.

The next day I gave it a really good brush through , used the 7 Second Refresher spray again and the Texturiza spray, which is a dry finishing spray and I was good to go.

Here I am a bit windswept , but not bad after all those products and backcombing and dancing the night away!me in bournemouth a

I’m really impressed with what I’ve used so far.  It will  be great to try out some of the other products on all my regular clients and will keep you posted with the results.


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