Useful Information


Like all wedding suppliers I can get booked up well in advance so it’s always best to get in touch as soon as possible. Even if you’re not sure what to do with your hair, do contact me as soon as you can to see if I’m available on your wedding date.

Consultation and Trial

The next step is the trial run. Many brides prefer to have the trial sooner rather than later, so that there is enough time for the hair to grow if necessary. It can also help them visualise how they will look when trying on dresses and accessories, but it’s up to you.

Before you have the trial, try to collect some pictures that show styles you do like and those you don’t. If you like the front of one style, but are not keen on the sides or back, don’t worry as most styles can be adapted to suit each person. We will spend a fair bit of time discussing all the options to create the perfect hairstyle for you, before I even start on your hair. I like to make it really collaborative and encourage you to be vocal about what you do and don’t like as I work on your hair. You will need to allow 2-3 hours, but it doesn’t always take that long.

Hair Accessories

If you have already chosen your hair accessories, it’s a good idea to have them with you at the trial run. I do have a veil, and some lovely hair accessories that I can use to give an idea of what it will look like on the day in case you haven’t yet decided what you want. When your hair is finished and you are happy with it, I will take photographs for reference.

Image (right) from Nina’s wedding in September 2013 – click here to see more.

The bridal party

After we’ve created your finished look, we can then discuss what styles the rest of the bridal party are having and work out a rough timetable. It’s not always necessary for your bridesmaids or mum to have a trial, (and in any case, some live miles away so it’s not always possible). As long as I know what style they require and you have a picture of their hair as it usually is, that is fine. It’s useful if they have picture of the style they would like, as it helps me with working out a schedule.

On the Day

On the wedding day I will arrive at the agreed time with my arsenal of hairdressing tools, ready to help make your hair and your day wonderful. Since wedding hair is one of my passions, my aim is to provide you and your bridal party with fantastic hair in a relaxed and organised atmosphere, so that you can enjoy your preparation time as much as the rest of your day.